The Valley's largest and most respected name in artificial putting greens and synthetic grass.  Since 1999!


"How much do you charge per square foot?!"


This is an important question.  But it shouldn't be the only question you ask. . .


Ask about the company and ask about the turf you're buying.  We opened our doors in the Valley in 1999.  While our quality of turf AND warranty have changed, some things haven't. 


Our owner for one (that's Jay in the video above).  He started the company and is still our chief turf expert, project designer and quality engineer.  You'll probably meet Jay during your free, in-home estimate  You'll definitely see him during installation.  We don't know any other way to do the job right.


What TYPE of turf technology are you buying?!!


All artificial turf is NOT created equal. The biggest difference is:

  • Our turf, grass and putting greens, uses densely stitched, heat set spring like fibers designed to stand up and look natural.

  • Sand-filled turf uses sparsely stitched straight fibers that need to be filled up with sand so you can roll a ball on it.  Sand being a loose material will move and need continuous maintenance to stay consistent.

The simple truth: heat set is better and lasts longer than sand-filled.  Make sure you know what you're buying!!


We have also been recognized for the highest quality ball roll on our putting greens.  Just words?  Van's Pro Shops uses our turf in all their stores to demo putters.  And PING uses Mirage turf in their Putting Laboratory to test new putter designs.  Both could use any turf in the world.  Both chose Mirage!!  Shouldn't you? 


It doesn't cost any more to buy the best.



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Mirage Greens of the Valley

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